1. By using the AISB webshop (“Webshop”), you agree these Terms and Conditions which are applicable while using shop.aisb.hu site.
    2. Operator of the Webshop:

      Name: American International School of Budapest (“AISB”, “School” or “we”, “us”)
      Address: 2094 Nagykovácsi, Nagykovácsi út 12.
      e-mail: order@aisb.hu
      Customer service phone number: + 36 26 556 027
      Registration number: OM 102492
      Registering authority: Ministry of National Resources
      Tax number: 30057861-1-51
    3.  Contact information of hosting service provider: 

      Name: Dialóg Interaktív Kft.
      Address: 2120 Dunakeszi, Konrád Ignác u. 20.
    4. AISB makes certain products/services (hereinafter referred as “Products”) available through this Webshop. Certain Products are available only for the community of AISB (students, parents and employees) while others are available for public. The Webshop can be seen by everybody, however, you can see only the Products you can buy, depending on whether you register to the Webshop as a member of the AISB community (student, parent or employee of AISB) or the member of the general public. 
    5. It is possible to buy Products electronically in the Webshop by ordering and paying for Products. Purchasing Products in the Webshop is considered a distance contract according to Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code. The language of contracting is English. 
    6. Purchases conducted in the Webshop are governed by the laws of Hungary. 
    7. Prices of Products are listed in Hungarian Forint (HUF) and they include all applicable taxes. 


    1. In order to purchase Products, you need to register and to log into your account to our system with your registered data. If you have not registered yet, you can do it by clicking on the “Registration” button on the Webshop’s site. While registering, you have to provide information necessary for registration asked by AISB, which will be processed according to the rules indicated in the Privacy Note.
    2. Summer Camp Products cover Junior Camp, Youth Camp and English Language Camp. After choosing your Product, we will ask you certain mandatory and optional questions regarding the attending student. You can not buy the Product without answering the mandatory questions. Data you provided will be processed with special care as described in the Privacy Note. You can choose the Product you wish to purchase by clicking on the “Add to cart” button. This can be repeated in case you wish to buy more Products. Clicking on the “Cart” button, you can see the list of the chosen Products, where quantities can be modified (increased or decreased) or the transaction can be cancelled. You need to read, understand and accept the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Note before the payment. By clicking on the “Finish Order” button, you commit yourself to buy the Products in the cart and you will be immediately directed to the payment safe payment site of CIB Bank Hungary to complete the payment procedure. You can buy Products only through immediate payment. You can pay by using bankcard through CIB Bank. Accepted cards are MasterCard, Maestro, VISA, VISA Electron, VPAY and other virtual bankcards which are enabled for payment. The technology used by CIB Bank (TLS encrypt technology, separated information to the bank and to the merchandiser, VeriSign certificate) ensures the safety of your payment. In case of payment other than payment with HUF denominated bankcard, your exchange rate is set by your bank for the transaction. The ordering process finishes when after you finalized and paid the order. After this, we will send you an e-mail confirmation of your order which is also the evidence that your child can attend the Summer Camp program. In case you need an invoice, you have to fill the billing information before the payment and provide at least with your name, but you can provide further details as well. The invoice will be sent electronically to the e-mail address you provided. In the case of Summer Camp Products, the name of the attending student has to be also provided for the invoice. 


    1. Refund policy for the Junior Camp and Youth Camp: 

      Please send your written notification of withdrawal to summercamp@aisb.hu

      The amount of the refund will be based on the date of your written notification of withdrawal.

      If your notification arrives 30 days prior to the start date of your registered camp week, 80% of the fee will be refunded.

      If your notification arrives 15-29 days prior to the start date of your registered camp week, 50% of the fee will be refunded.

      There will be no refunds if your written notification arrives less than 15 days prior to the start date of your registered camp week.

      If you need to change the chosen weeks for some reason, it is at the discretion of the Program Director to approve it or not depending on the number of places still available for that week. Please bear in mind that this will not always be possible as we operate on a first come, first served basis. 

    2. Refund Policy for the English Language Camp: 

      Please send your written notification of withdrawal to summercamp@aisb.hu

      The amount of the refund will be based on the date of your written notification of withdrawal.

      If your notification arrives prior to 30 days before the start date of the English Language camp a total of 50% will be refunded.

      There will be no refunds past that date.


    1. You can address any complaints relating to the Webshop to the contact information of AISB (e-mail: order@aisb.hu, phone number: + 36 26 556 027) outlining your complaint and providing a contact name and an email address or a telephone number. Upon receipt of the complaint, we will contact you as soon as possible, latest within three business days outlining the proposed plan to address your complaint or send additional questions to you - if necessary - to investigate your complaint. We will do our best to resolve complaints within 28 calendar days from the receipt of your complaint. We are not subject to any code of conduct. 
    2. If you do not agree with the solution we offer for you, you may apply to the government office according to your residence. For contact information of government offices please use the following link: http://jarasinfo.gov.hu./
    3. In case of a dispute arising out of the contract pursuant to these rules, you may apply to ordinary courts or to the conciliation board in Budapest. We are subject to and must cooperate during the alternative dispute resolution procedure before the Hungarian Conciliation Board (postal address: 1016 Budapest, Krisztina krt. 99. Tel: +36 1 488 2131) Further information can be found on www.bekelteto.testulet.hu and www.bekeltetes.hu.